DOPING (inglese)



On Tuesday 29 January 2019 the first classes of our institute met an ex pentathlete and Olympic champion to talk about Doping.


Nowadays Doping is a recurring event between young athletes who practise agonistic but also amateur sport. To examine in depth and to explain this theme, the academic professor and ex athlete Daniele Masala came with other important people to the “Tulliano” High School, helping the students  to understand better one of the worst parts of the sport.

Only a few people know the side effects of Doping, in fact the athletes use it to improve incorrectly and illegally their physical skills but they don't consider what can happen to their bodies.

The professor Masala started talking about the reasons that encourage people to use doping substances. He said that people are hungry of fame and want to excel in all they do, they are competitive and they can't stand to feel less than others and so they are ready also to take illegal actions.

He showed to the students two videos: the first one about the Olympics of London, 2012, the second one about the Olympics of Rio de Janeiro, 2016. These videos were about the positive teachings that sport gives to all of us: you can win using just your abilities, if you believe in what you are doing and if you work hard.

On the other hand, Doping makes things easier just for a while, as the professor Masala explained to the students, showing them some layouts about the lots of phisical and mental consequences that it has. These side effects don't show themselves immediately, but they come out after months or even years, and they are not positive at all.

Some substances can change completely your body ( testosterone, growth hormones...), other ones can bring people to death.

The horrible thing is that even if you assume them just for a little time, anyway they have got consequences.

Then Masala introduced another professor, that teaches psychology at university, that talked about how the students are close to Doping, and about the psychological mechanismes that  hidden behind it. In fact it's not unusual that the dependence to Doping begin in little gyms.

According to the students, this event is very useful and important for their future: it teaches them that is not a real win if you win illegally.

                                                                                            (Meta Helèna Rita, Conti Alice Maria), 1 A