Federica Angeli met the students of Tulliano to discuss about her book “A Mano Disarmata”, written with the straight aim to condemn Mafia.


On January 17th 2019, the journalist and writer Federica Angeli came to Arpino, to meet the students of Tulliano about legality and her battle against Mafia. She was received in the conference room of “Fondazione Umberto Mastroianni”, housed in the pleasant Castello Ladislao, that overlooks the town of Arpino.


Federica Angeli (Rome 1975) lives in Ostia and is a crime and judicial correspondent for <>. She has been fighting and still fights Mafia in the Capital City.

In 2013 she was assigned a personal body guard because of the Mafia threats she received while working in an enquiry about the presence of Mafia in Ostia.

She got a lot of awards, such as “Premio Passetti- cronista dell’anno”(2012-2013), “Premio Donna dell’anno” (2015) and “Premio Falcone e Borsellino”(2016).

She has also been endowed as Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana al Merito by the Republic President Giorgio Mattarella.


All the students were asked to read her book, “A mano disarmata – Cronaca di millesettecento giorni sotto scorta”, where Federica talks about her life since Mafia threats.

Therefore, in this book Federica Angeli condemns and makes people notice how Mafia was influential in Roman territory, in its economy, in its politics and in its society.

Not only she denounces people who are part of Mafia clans, but also she incites people to report Mafia, because they know how a real phenomenon it is, but afraid, ignore it.

She also told students that Mafia is not just the one exercised by the clans, but also a little bad action which includes a threat.

In her book and all her speeches, she wants to give everyone the strength to raise up their own voices and to be united.

In fact, she does not want to be called “heroine” because she thinks she just uses her pen to be by the fair side.

“The most important thing”, she says, “is to be an “US”, so that we can be more powerful and the battle will be easier to be won.”.

After telling the students all these beautiful encouraging and hopeful words, Federica Angeli answered all the questions students asked and signed books.

All the school is grateful to have met a role model, inspiration and idol like her, who let everybody understand that each one of us can make something to change.


         Benedetta Catenacci & Elisa Di Vito - I A Cambridge Intl.